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HERITAGE AT RISK · ICOMOS World Report 2016–2019

HERITAGE AT RISK · ICOMOS World Report 2016–2019

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World Report 2016–2019 on Monuments and Sites in Danger

Edited by Christoph Machat and John Ziesemer

With 23 National Reports and 6 Thematic Reports.
Through the insightful information made possible by our global networks, ICOMOS has been able to periodically publish Heritage at Risk, a compendium of monuments and cultural heritage sites that are facing destruction or serious alterations throughout the world. Intended to rescue these places from imminent threats by raising public and media awareness and fostering international cooperation and assistance, Heritage at Risk represents the unwavering commitment of ICOMOS to do all that is possible to ensure that humanity’s cultural heritage will be safely transmitted to the next generation.

In spite of the crucially important information contained in this publication, the gathering and reading of its contents, as well as in all past issues, is not a pleasant task, as it brings us face to face with the ruthless and raw destruction of the truly remarkable places that the thousands of members of ICOMOS dedicate their lives to save and protect.

Looking at the human-induced threats to cultural heritage is far more vast and sobering, since these are driven by forces that could be reined in. The rising level of civil and ideological conflicts and outright wars, such as the ones reported in Egypt, Mali and Syria, have plunged the cultural heritage of these countries into a chaos of destruction as combatants from one side try to impose beliefs and erase from the landscape the ancestral architectural and landscape manifestations treasured by their opponents.

None of this is new. There have always been earthquakes, floods and hurricanes, as well as wars, urbanization and industrial endeavors. Perhaps they seem to be occurring more frequently because of the immediacy with which news travel today. If that is the case, the news about the pain and outrage caused by these losses should travel the world with similar celerity and help us in stopping them, or at least mitigating them.

The ICOMOS Heritage at Risk Reports, first published in 2000, are part of this framework. From a strictly preservation-based approach this publication series offers world-wide information about the dangers that are threatening our cultural heritage, in order to provide help in the case of risks and to promote practical measures to avert or at least allay these risks. The Heritage at Risk Reports are also addressed to the world public as an urgent appeal to commit itself to saving our heritage. Available also on the Internet, the reports furthermore serve as data base for the ICOMOS Global Monitoring Network.

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