Valentina Galossi



Valentina Galossi is an independent curator born in Rome and based in Berlin. She has several years of experience in the fields of Film, Performance and Fine Arts. In Rome, she worked as a Curator for the Ministry of Culture. In the past eight years, she has collaborated with international galleries, focusing on the contemporary art market. She has worked for various galleries in Berlin, including Galerie Jochen Hempel and the Sexauer Gallery. In 2015, Valentina curated “BerlinRoma – Reverse Inequality,” an international group exhibition at the Ebensperger Gallery. She also organized “Sundowner,” a series of interventions/performances on the terrace of the Neue Nationalgalerie in Berlin. Valentina Galossi currently works with contemporary artists. Life of artists in Berlin, is the first art guide of its kind and the first book she has written.

Foto: Luca Manfini



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